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Welcome, Opening Remarks

April Dunford, Positioning expert and CEO of Ambient Strategy


The State of the ABM Profession

Dave Munn, President & CEO, ITSMA

In this session, David will reveal ITSMA’s research on ABM spending, ABM talent and skills, where ABM fits with other marketing priorities. He will also discuss the move towards a blended approach to ABM (combining 1:1, 1:few, and 1:many programs), the latest trends in ABM technology and tools, and where ABM is headed in 2018 and beyond.



Jessica Fewless, VP, ABM Strategy, Field & Partner Marketing, DemandBase

AI is the latest buzzword in B2B Marketing, but its potential to help streamline, automate and generally increase the effectiveness of our programs and processes is real, unprecedented AND attainable! From gathering data on target accounts and helping to identify buying committees, to surfacing those accounts ready to buy from you TODAY, AI is today’s competitive differentiator, and will be tomorrow’s best practice. Come learn practical applications for your organization, and hear real world examples of how it’s already making a difference for today’s most forward-thinking marketing teams.


From Strategies to Tactics: Exceeding Your Revenue Goals with ABM

Charm Bianchini, Head of Global Demand Generation, Engagio

You’ve heard the hype — Account Based Marketing is rapidly becoming the next big thing in B2B marketing. It’s time to move beyond the hype to learn HOW innovators are leveraging ABM to close complex enterprise deals. In this session, Charm Bianchini, Head of Global Demand Gen at Engagio, reveals proven examples of how they use ABM strategies and tactics to exceed revenue goals.


MegaDeals – Sales, ABM, Social Selling Learnings to Close Multibillion Dollar Deals

Christopher Engman, CRO/CMO, Climeon AB

Discover the best sales, ABM, and Social Selling approaches that +100 Fortune 500 companies use and what +60 interviews globally MegaDealers have revealed when it comes to closing multi-million and multi-billion dollar deals and also how Climeon practically applies this.


Networking Break


Orchestrating the future with AI Platform Business Models

Pavel Abdur-Rahman, Associate Partner: AI, Quantum Computing & Data Moneltization, IBM

On average, platform orchestrators grow revenues faster and generate higher profits than other business models, earning market valuations as high as eight times revenue. Join Data Scientist and IBM AI & Advanced Analytics Practice Leader, Pavel Abdur-Rahman, as he shares what Platform Operators do exceedingly well. Pavel will talk to real examples of his clients, who are realizing 10x return on their AI & Advanced Analytics investments.


How to Personalize Content at Scale for ABM

Randy Frisch, Co-Founder, CMO and President, Uberflip

Account-Based Marketing is high-touch and extremely targeted; its very nature, however, creates challenges for personalizing content experiences, which can be time intensive and resource heavy. Join Uberflip’s CMO Randy Frisch, and learn how to build an account-based content marketing approach to deliver greater personalization to their customers at scale.


10 Lessons from ABM success

Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder & CMO, Terminus

ABM is the hottest trend since email marketing. You will learn the top 10 lessons from the author of the Account-Based Marketing book on what companies need to do to be successful at operationalizing ABM.


Networking Dinner & Party

Wednesday, June 6


Breakfast & Networking


Marketing Alignment for Successful ABM

Christine Farrier, Sr. Manager, Field Marketing, Demandbase

Sales & Marketing alignment is usually touted as one of B2B’s greatest challenges, but also the area of greatest improvement in an ABM approach to B2B marketing. Want to know a dirty little secret? Marketing alignment around an ABM strategy can be an even bigger hurdle. To be successful, a different mindset and skillset for marketers is required, and tighter coordination across the team is also needed. Good news: it’s not that hard. We’ll outline an achievable battle plan, describe some best practices, and share our own journey to high performing alignment within our own marketing organization!

Account Based Analytics: A Foundation for Success

Charm Bianchini, Head of Global Demand Generation, Engagio

As we transition from a lead-based world to an account-based world, the metrics and models used to analyze marketing efforts have changed. This session will focus on measuring ABM success including the new metrics for ABM, moving from MQLs to MQAs, analytics and account journeys and connecting marketing programs to revenue.


Using Personalized Video to Get More Attention and Accelerate Your ABM Program

Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing, Vidyard

Your ABM strategy won’t succeed if you can’t stand out from the crowd with a differentiated message. And once you get their attention, how do you connect on a personal level and build trust throughout a diverse buying group? Personalized video content is helping modern marketing and sales teams increase response rates by more than 300% and accelerate deal cycles with target accounts. But how does it really work, how can you do it at scale without blowing your budget, and what are the best ways to incorporate video into your ABM strategy? Join us to latest tactics proven to convert and to see how your team can start trying this out tomorrow (literally).

How to Deepen Your Salesforce Integrations to Support ABM

Andrew Sinclair, Founder, Lane Four

Join Salesforce expert Andrew Sinclair as he walks you through the steps of deepening your Salesforce integrations to support inbound marketing, account-based marketing and account-based sales. From account visibility and activity tracking to auto-conversion and ownership considerations, learn how to transform your CRM into an ABM machine.


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Transform your Content Strategy for ABM, Engagement, and Sales Alignment

Heidi Vandermeer, Account Based Marketer, Uberflip
Jason Oakley, Product Marketing Manager, Uberflip

Content is an integral part of ABM, but it can be difficult to personalize at scale.  Building on ideas introduced in Randy Frisch’s Tuesday keynote, you’ll learn where content fits into an ABM strategy, the practical steps in executing this strategy, and where technology help can make scaling ABM content easier. Join us and learn how to transform your content strategy for ABM!

How Windstream Enterprise Used ABM to Renew Marketing & Sales Vows

Meredith Fuller, Managing Director, Buyer Engagement, Quarry

Have your B2B marketing and sales teams drifted apart over the years? Let’s face it, while both want to drive company growth; they’re often focused on different things, so the sizzle can sometimes fizzle. This session explores how to use Account-Based Marketing to push the beds back together!

It unpacks the essential steps, activities (and technologies) to seek alignment around. And shares the 7-step journey of how one telco industry leader, Windstream Enterprise, successfully rolled out predictive-powered ABM campaigns in dozens of markets to spark conversations with just the right in-market buyers at just the right time (not to mention, earn new found respect from Sales).

In this session you will learn how to use an ABM approach to bring sales and marketing closer together, see how a leading B2B brand turned ABM theory into practice and unpack the 7-step journey and martech stack behind Windstream Enterprise’s ABM efforts.


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Whale Hunting - Going BIG with 1:1 ABM

Robert Lesser, Principal of Sales & Marketing Consultancy, LAX Boutique
Anita Gibbings, Senior Director, Strategy, Research & Insights, Global Marketing, SAP
Charles Dimov, Vice-President Marketing, OrderDynamics
Chris Briggs, CMO, Equifax Canada

Robert Lesser, Principal of Sales & Marketing Consultancy LAX Boutique moderates a panel focused on big, strategic 1:1 whale hunting ABM. Learn how to win huge, complex deals and scale new strategies for even bigger wins in the future.

5 Ingredients for Award Winning ABM

Jason Jue, CMO, Triblio

Learn 5 key ingredients of award-winning ABM campaigns from companies like FinancialForce, SalesLoft, and Toronto’s Trapeze Group.  How do successful ABM campaigns 1) define goals and metrics; 2) segment their account lists to tailor campaign tactics; 3) coordinate marketing with sales plays; 4) titrate personalization. 5) blend with existing demand gen efforts.  Apply these ingredients to start or improve  account based marketing campaigns that will generate more revenue.


Marketing Automation Isn’t the Future. It’s Now.

Anastasia Valentine, CMO, Versature

Are you getting the most out of your CRM and your marketing stack? Are you delivering personalized and tailored experiences that match your customer buying signals and conversion points? Does your Account Based Marketing end when the deal is signed or does it continue on through to Customer Success? Join Anastasia Valentine, CMO at Versature to learn how you can leverage marketing automation and artificial intelligence to scale, customize the client experience, and mine the hidden value laying dormant in your CRM data today. She will walk through the entire customer journey from the marketing experience through to customer success and advocacy, including investments in technology and people, measuring marketing and sales metrics and staying focused on delighting the customer using a powerful end to end technology stack.

Generating Pipeline is Only Half the Story

Jessica Fewless, VP, ABM Strategy, Field & Partner Marketing, Demandbase

What would happen if you took 10% of your focus away from Demand Generation, and focused on increasing close rates instead? What would the impact be on funnel velocity? Average deal size? This is a new concept for most B2B Marketers, as they have typically focused on getting leads, and maybe even nurturing these leads until they mature into a full-fledged pipeline opportunities, but then leaving everything after that to Sales. As Marketers, we have the tools to help support our Sales counterparts throughout ALL Sales stages, tying ourselves even more closely to revenue (CHA-CHING!). Hear real-world examples of how a focus on pipeline close success rates can drastically ease the burden of demand generation!


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Gaining and Maintaining Executive Buy-in for ABM

Mark Wright, CMO, Firmex
Steve Woods, Co-Founder and CTO,

Every ABM How-To guide mentions the importance of buy-in from the executive suite. Few provide any useful insight into how to actually achieve this vital alignment.
Without solid executive sponsorship, your ABM initiatives are on thin ice. You may determine that you need very different success metrics, but unaligned executives still hold you to the old ways. Budget and headcount requirements need executive support. The help you need from Customer Success, the data team, legal, procurement and others can be a struggle without executive support.
We’ll dig deep into gaining and maintaining executive alignment for ABM in this interactive session with two very experienced and successful leaders.

Gaining and Maintaining Sales-Marketing Alignment for ABM

Amrita Gurney, VP Marketing at CrowdRiff
Mark Mezzapelli, VP Business and Partnerships at CrowdRiff
Kirsten Boileau, Global Head of Regional Engagement, Localization and Social Selling, SAP Global Marketing
Phil Lurie, VP Sales Technology, SAP

Everyone knows that sales and marketing alignment is vital to ABM success, but what does it mean in practice and where does it often go wrong? We’ll dig deep with sales and marketing leaders in large and small companies to find out.

We’ll hear from the head of sales and the head of marketing at CrowdRiff, a fast-growing 60 person SaaS company where the two teams truly operate as one, with shared metrics and so much more.

We’ll also hear from the global head of regional engagement, localization, and social selling at SAP where they’re managing massive complexity and huge dispersed teams as they scale their global ABM programs.

Be ready with your questions as the second half of the session is all Q&A.


Customer-Powered ABM: How To Use Advocacy In Your ABM Campaign

Mark Organ, CEO and Founder, Influitive
Mark Pileski, VP of Marketing, IndustryBuilt
Christina Wild, Marketing Programs Specialist, IndustryBuilt

Customers offer the trusted information that buyers value most, and their business networks are rich with potential prospects.  Don’t fail to call on your customer community in your ABM strategy, or you will miss the the impact that advocates can bring.  In this session, join Influitive founder and CEO Mark Organ and IndustryBuilt’s VP of Marketing Mark Pileski and Program Specialist Christina Wild to learn how to strategically source, incorporate, and align customer voices in your sales and ABM funnel to increase your conversion rates and accelerate sales.

Launching and Building an ABM Program: Lessons Learned from Ciena

David Munn, President & CEO, ITSMA

Malcolm Loro, Sr. Director, Americas Field Marketing, Ciena

This breakout will explore the key elements to launching and building an ABM program successfully.  The discussion will include the four stages of ABM evolution: Pilot, Build, Standardize, and Scale, and the characteristics at each stage.  You’ll also hear insight and advice from Ciena from the launch and pilot of their ABM program last year.


Closing Remarks